Board games have always been a very important part of my life, and I have been collecting and playing anything I could get my hands on since the 1970s. I remember scouring the few game stores that existed for Avalon Hill, GW Talisman, TSR clamshell minigames, and rare European wooden games. This led to regular gaming groups, board game conventions, and the eventual discovery of podcasters such as Tom Vasel and The Dice Tower. I currently write and host the Dice Tower Now podcast, and have been lucky enough to write news articles for since 2017.

A perpetual student, I began with a degree in Zoology, survived a PhD program at Yale University, and then earned a veterinary degree from UC Davis. I owned and ran a veterinary hospital in Northern California for 15 years before retiring in 2014. Now I spend most of my time writing, playing games, practicing banjo, and generally confusing people around me.

Everybody has them, so here are some bizarre achievements I am proud of: I have eaten chankonabe with professional Sumo wrestlers in Japan, played chess with Gary Kasparov, autopsied an elephant, set the dials on an original Enigma machine, and I have drunk Mountain Dew from a Turing Award (like the very nerdiest of hockey finals.)

In summary, I am an extremely lucky and grateful man.

-Corey Thompson

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