Welcome back to a most glorious dinner with prolific board game designer Daryl Andrews. We are currently knee deep in a “Seafood Tower,” a gluttonous stack of shellfish, simply challenging us to dive ever deeper. Oh, and we are talking about board games. Between bites.

Welcome back to my breakfast with Curt Covert, game designer and founder of Smirk and Dagger. We have taken some early morning time away from the hustle and bustle of GAMA Expo 2022, to eat fine eggs benedict and talk shop. But first, paparazzi.

Here I am, at GenCon 2021, theoretically the return to normality. True, everyone is masked and the attendance is nearly half of previous years. But this is the return to normality. And in the spirit, I have finagled a lunch with superstar designer Isaac Childres, founder of Cephalofair, creator of Gloomhaven, and the soon to …

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