Welcome back to a most glorious dinner with prolific board game designer Daryl Andrews. We are currently knee deep in a “Seafood Tower,” a gluttonous stack of shellfish, simply challenging us to dive ever deeper. Oh, and we are talking about board games. Between bites.

Welcome back to the glamorous spectacle that is the GAMA trade show in Reno, Nevada. I have gone to several GAMA expos at this point, and it always a bit like returning to summer camp – seeing old friends and catching up. And one old friend who has been noticeably absent my blog is Curt …

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Welcome to part 2 of my first, real honest-to-goodness, face-to-face, real life guest, and not imaginary friends…dinner. And I am lucky enough to be eating with the renaissance man of gaming, Ryan Laukat. Ryan is known for being designer, illustrator, graphic designer and publisher for his games. And today we eat octopus.