Jonny and I continue packing pot stickers and munching moo shu, while we blather about the boundries of board games – the mutations of mancala, eccentricities of expansions, the hassle of house rules, and the backlash of balancing. Alliterative allegories all around!

Bloated and food drunk, John and I discussed plans for the future – games, expansions, napping… This is not actually our empty plate of food. I was unfortunately too deliriously happy to remember to take pictures of the dirty dishes. Plus, we licked ours clean.

One lovely Thursday afternoon, I found myself awash in the smells of cumin, coriander and clove, floating in the olfactory paradise that is Tara’s Himalayan in Los Angeles. By no means is Tara’s a big, fancy, or well-known restaurant, but the people who have been there always come back. And I was waiting for another …

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