As so we have come to the end of breakfast. The plates are clean, the waiters are patiently waiting for us to leave, and the drive back to the KublaCon hotel is nigh. Perhaps one more cup of coffee for the road.

Welcome back to an amazing breakfast with designer Luke Laurie and publisher Peter Vaughan. The chaos of KublaCon has just about ended, and the three of us are at Pete’s Cafe (no relation) in Millbrae, California, talking deeply and metaphyscially about game design.

I was priviledged to hang out with an old friend and designer, Luke Laurie, the mastermind behind Manhattan Project: Energy Empire, Cryo, Dwellings of Eldervale, and the upcoming Andromeda’s Edge. I met up with Luke during KublaCon, the largest board game convention in California. The plan was to go eat with Peter Vaughan, owner of …

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Welcome back to breakfast with Burge Bros designer Tim Fowers. I am freshly fueled with coffee, but Tim is naturally caffeinated, so the conversation is fast and furious. Read on for discussions of music, mentorship, and mornings. Plus Kentucky!