And now, it is sadly time for the last segment of my interview with tabletop game designer, video game designer, philosopher, Tim Fowers. We are both happily full, I am reasonably caffeinated, and the welcome warmth of the Utah sun lures me to ramble in streams of semi-consciousness.

Welcome back to breakfast with Burge Bros designer Tim Fowers. I am freshly fueled with coffee, but Tim is naturally caffeinated, so the conversation is fast and furious. Read on for discussions of music, mentorship, and mornings. Plus Kentucky!

Welcome back to breakfast with designer Tim Fowers. Tim is an absolute fount of the theory and practice behind games, both video and board, and is the designer behind games such as Paperback, Burgle Bros, and Now Boarding. I am absolutely wired on coffee derived caffeine, so words are spewing forth fast and furious, although …

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